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Air brake systems

Air brake systems for trailers

Tietjen provides first class solutions for trailer air brake systems customised to each trailer type. Customer requirements and particular requests are always taken into consideration.

The basis for designing an air brake system for a trailer is the brake calculation. This calculation is used to determine, among other things, the following:

  • Brake cylinder size
  • Brake lever length
  • Air reservoir volume
  • Values for load sensing valve settings
  • Braking equipment to be installed and the sequence of the equipment within the brake system
  • For EBS systems: basic information for commissioning the system

With the help of our brake calculation data sheet, all necessary data is inquired. We then prepare the brake calculation and develop the air brake system.

Pressure build-up time measurement for trailers by Tietjen

With new developments in particular, it is important that the pressure build-up time – the response behaviour of the air brake on the trailer – is checked. The time required until the pneumatic control signal for braking comes in at the furthest wheel brake cylinder is measured. The pressure build-up time may be max. 0.4 sec as per Regulation (EU) 2015/68. If the pressure build-up time is too high, this can result in a delayed braking, delayed brake release and eventually damage to the tractor unit's service brake.

Finally, the pressure build-up time measurement ensures that the designed trailer air brake system is working correctly. Pressure build-up time measurements are part of our daily business. A service we are happy to offer you.

  • 2-line system
  • Original WABCO parts
  • Coupling heads incl. dummy couplings
  • Trailer brake valve with universal holder
  • Air reservoir with tightening straps and drain valve
  • Brake cylinder
  • Joints and clips
  • Brake hose
  • Pre-assembled components
  • Brake calculation (if technical data are available)
  • Detailed and illustrated installation guide with brake diagram
  • DEKRA parts certification
  • Options, depending on trailer type and requirements:
    • Load sensing valve (mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic)
    • Consoles for brake cylinder
    • ABS/EBS brake system
    • Double release valve
    • Shuttle valve
    • Spring brake cylinder
    • Piston cylinder
    • Membrane-type cylinder
    • Adaptor valve
    • Relay valve
    • Duo-Matic quick-coupling
    • Coupling head yellow and red – air connection for second trailer

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