Think tank for

air brake systems

Think tank for

Air brake systems

Air brake systems for tractor units and trailers

Tietjen develops and distributes air brake systems for original equipment and retrofitting.
In over 40 years, more than 5,000 air brake system variants have been realised for all types of renowned tractor unit and trailer manufacturers.

Air brake systems for tractor units

Pre-assembled kits for original equipment and retrofitting as "plug-and-play installations" allow for the fast and safe installation for tractor units from many renowned manufacturers.

Air brake systems for trailers

Individual solutions for trailer air brake systems including brake calculation for the respective trailer type.

Replacement parts and excellent service

High replacement parts availability, thoughtful technical service and fast shipping ensure a smooth processing.

From the idea to series production

Each individual customer requirement is accompanied by our development department throughout the entire development cycle. With the development of a wide variety of air brake systems, our team has acquired vast experience and a very high level of competence. The optimum design of the air brake system for a specific vehicle is guaranteed.



New retrofit kits | September and October 2023


Tietjen has developed new air brake systems and kits in accordance with EU regulation 167/2013 (EU 2015/68). Find an overview of all innovations here.

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Load-controlled brake power regulator


Tietjen – as always, one step ahead with another smart idea: We added a load sensing valve from WABCO with a special adjustment unit with up to two load levels for pulled work machines, trailers and attachment - and the new requirement as per regulation (EU 167/2013) is in place. This states that vehicles registered with a speed of more than 30 km/h must meet the required brake bands in empty and loaded state.

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Compressor kits: Tietjen provides for more pressure!


You've already installed a compressor, but now you need additional compressed air for e.g. the tractor's tyre inflation system, its cleaning systems for general tractor and attachment cleaning.

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First class equipment

Tietjen offers manufacturers of agricultural or construction machinery or commercial vehicles customised solutions for the original equipment of air brake systems. The most diverse configurations and variations are always taken into account. All according to the customer's wishes.

Off-Highway OEM

Vehicles move heavy loads at sometimes high speeds and with enormous precision. Ever new requirements and regulations for the brake system demand reliable and sustainable solutions.

Trailer OEM

Air brake systems for manufacturers of trailers in the commercial vehicle sector. Every customer requirement is different and our developers compose highly individualised designs.

Online catalogue

You will find what you are looking for in our online catalogue. In addition to all brake systems by vehicle manufacturers, you can also order kits and replacement parts.

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