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Air brake systems

Air brake systems for telehandlers

Telehandlers are becoming increasingly popular and many areas are impossible to realise without them. Whether for work in the field, on the farm, in the stable or on the construction site. Everywhere, telehandlers can show off their various skills. Combined with an air brake system, even more applications open up. And in consequence, the telehandler is becoming more and more of an all-rounder.

Telehandler as an all-rounder in the field
Telehandler as an all-rounder in the field

  • Optimum adaptation of the brake system to the tractor unit
  • Fast assembly with:
    • Vehicle-specific brackets, consoles and cables
    • Pre-assembled assemblies and kits
    • Plastic pipe connectors
    • Coloured markings of individual cables and connectors
  • Standard equipment:
    • Universal air set for e.g. cleaning, maintenance and tire inflation
    • Automatic drain valve (no more daily draining)
    • Illustrated installation guide, step-by-step explanation of the installation of the air brake system
    • Parts certifications

Close advantages

  • 2-line system as per (EU) 167/2013 for tractor units of the "new" generation
  • 2-line system or combined 1- and 2-line system for tractor units of the "old" generation
  • Original WABCO brake equipment, such as compressor, unloader valve, trailer control valve etc.
  • Air reservoir with automatic drain valve
  • Pressure gauge or pressure sensor (depending on equipment variant)
  • Solenoid valves for pre-control and/or handbrake (depending on equipment variant)
  • Cable harnesses (depending on equipment variant)
  • Coupling heads red and yellow
  • V-belt pulleys and V-belts
  • All consoles and holders
  • Preformed steel tubes
  • Plastic pipes and hoses
  • Joints and plug-in connectors
  • Screws, clips and small assembly parts
  • Universal air set
  • Detailed and illustrated installation guide with brake diagram
  • Parts certifications
  • Optionally available for many vehicles:
    • Air dryer
    • Anti-freeze pump
    • Air coupling
    • Duo-Matic quick-coupling

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You will find what you are looking for in our online catalogue. In addition to all brake systems by vehicle manufacturers, you can also order kits and replacement parts.

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