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Air brake systems

From the idea to series production

As OEM, Tietjen develops and delivers the perfect air brake systems for renowned manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery around the globe. To do so, each individual customer requirement is accompanied by our development department throughout the entire development cycle. With the development of a wide variety of air brake systems, our team has acquired vast experience and a very high level of competence. The optimum design of the air brake system for a specific vehicle is guaranteed.

    A customer requests the development of an air brake system for a new vehicle generation. The brake system shall comply with the new Regulation (EU) 2015/68 and shall additionally be designed as such. The vehicle currently only exists in CAD. After the successful development in CAD, the first prototype is to be built, tested and homologated on our premises.

    Every new development begins with intensive discussions in which experts precisely define the requirements needed to generate a concrete task. At this stage, Tietjen contributes comprehensive empirical knowledge and is able to assist with the definition of the task.

    Initial meetings take place directly at the customer's premises, but sometimes also via telephone / video conferences. In these meetings, various technical details are clarified with the customer's development department to help us create initial concepts. With the help of an "OE questionnaire", we define the technical requirements for the air brake system together with the customer.

    Close coordination of technical requirements

    Smart minds and state-of-the-art technology are the cornerstones of product development. The CAD-supported design allows for perfect engineering and optimises the future production processes. Once all the technical details have been clarified, we draw up an initial concept for the required air brake system based on a brake diagram, among other things.

    Close central technical conception

    The customer provides us with the respective CAD data of the vehicle. As a rule, a confidentiality agreement is signed here to allow for the exchange of this data as well.

    On the basis of the CAD data, the development of the assemblies in the vehicle now begins. All the necessary components are placed in the vehicle and holders and cable harnesses are designed. The developers use the individual components that comprise an air brake system to compose highly-customised designs. Every specification by our customers differs and demands always new ideas and approaches to obtain the perfect solution.

    Close development / construction

    Every installed component is of top quality – guaranteed by the careful selection of vendors and suppliers. Tietjen uses mostly WABCO brake units to meet top standards. Tietjen installs the complete air brake system on the customer's vehicle. Subsequently, all necessary measurements are taken to verify compliance with Regulation (EU) 2015/68. These include:

    • Pressure build-up time measurements
    • Reservoir volume check
    • Breakaway function of the yellow control line
    • Measurement of vehicle deceleration while empty/loaded – compliance with compatibility bands

    This is documented in a specified test protocol. Additionally, pictures of the entire system are taken for the installation guides and the assembly process.

    Close prototype set-up / measurements

    After the prototype has been built, all relevant documentation is prepared by Tietjen. This usually includes installation guides in various languages, replacement parts lists and parts lists.

    • Replacement parts list
    • Parts list
    • Installation guide

    Close documentation preparation

    Every air brake system we develop is already tested before the actual homologation, to ensure the prerequisites for its approval are fulfilled. This way, Tietjen ensures that the air brake system complies with the country-specific laws of the European target markets in accordance with Regulation (EU) no. 167/2013. This also accelerates the type-approval process.

    As a rule, we accompany homologations relating to the air brake system on site at the OEM in order to directly answer any questions the certification body may have. Homologations can also take place on our premises.

    Close homologation support

    Tietjen not only supplies assemblies and complete air brake systems but can fully support you on your way to series production.

    Before the first series delivery, our customers usually request initial samples. We provide these initial samples according to the customer's requirements. Among other things, dimensional and functional protocols are created, which are documented in an initial sample test report. We then receive the approval from the customer for series delivery.

    Close series delivery