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Knotter cleaning systems for presses

Knotter cleaning systems provide for the efficient cleaning of the knotters during the pressing process to ensure less downtime in the field. The cleaning intervals are adjustable via the optional timing relay. This function may also be fully integrated in the machine's software (operator panel). Tietjen differentiates between two variants of knotter cleaning systems:

  • Knotter cleaning systems for pneumatically-braked presses: Knotter cleaning air supply via the tractor unit. Thus obviating an additional compressor on the press.
  • Knotter cleaning systems for hydraulically-braked presses: Because the tractor unit does not supply the compressed air, a compressor is installed which is driven by the flywheel of the press. This compressor has its own oil lubrication. A knotter cleaning system can be retrofitted to air brake presses too.


Knotter cleaning systems for presses by Tietjen
Knotter cleaning systems for presses by Tietjen

  • Original WABCO parts
  • Air reservoir
  • Charging valve
  • Solenoid valve and solenoid valve cable
  • All consoles and holders
  • Nozzle bar for cleaning the knotters
  • Screws, clips and small assembly parts
  • Plastic pipe and hoses
  • Detailed and illustrated installation guide
  • Optional: Timing relay
  • Optional: Air coupling / air hose / air gun for cleaning work

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