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Air brake systems

Air supply systems

Air supply systems are used in a wide range of vehicles. These include, for example, combine harvesters, wheeled loaders, tractors and other tractor units. The different applications at the customer's site often require different air couplings, which are positioned specifically for the vehicle. This means that the operator can use an air gun, for example, to directly clean the cab, the cutting unit on a combine harvester or other areas of the machine. We put compressed air exactly where it is needed – from practice, to practice.

  • Fast assembly with:
    • Vehicle-specific brackets, consoles and cables
    • Pre-assembled assemblies and kits
    • Plastic pipe connectors
    • Coloured markings of individual cables and connectors
  • Standard equipment:
    • Automatic drain valve (no more daily draining)
    • Illustrated installation guide, step-by-step explanation of the installation of the air supply system

Close advantages

  • Original WABCO brake equipment, e.g. compressor, unloader valve, etc.
  • Air reservoir with automatic drain valve
  • Safety valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Air couplings
  • Air hose or alternatively with hose reel
  • Air gun
  • V-belt pulleys and V-belts
  • All consoles and holders
  • Preformed steel tubes
  • Plastic pipes and hoses
  • Joints and plug-in connectors
  • Screws, clips and small assembly parts
  • Detailed and illustrated installation guide with diagram

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You will find what you are looking for in our online catalogue. In addition to all brake systems by vehicle manufacturers, you can also order kits and replacement parts.

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