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Air brake systems by Tietjen

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Air brake systems

On-site service

Tietjen is the specialist for retrofitting and original equipment of tractor units and trailers with air brake systems. Take advantage of our specialists' "on-site service" if you need support with installations or technical advice, for example on the changed regulations of the "Tractor Mother Regulation" (EU 167/2013 / (EU) 2015/68).

In this context, it sometimes happens that trains consisting of a new tractor and an older trailer experience a braking delay. In such cases, Tietjen performs measurements on site, prepares brake calculations and optimises the trailer brakes in such a way that the safe braking of the coupling is guaranteed.

In the case of services, Tietjen distinguishes between services that are interesting for the use cases listed above and services that are relevant either only for trailers or only for tractor units.

Tietjen offers, among others, the following "on-site services":

  • Technical advice
  • Training courses
  • Mounting and commissioning of air brake systems
  • Review of tractor/trailer combination and results analysis
  • Optimisation of existing air brake systems in tractor units and trailers