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Interesting facts about Tietjen

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Noteworthy facts about Tietjen

Air brake systems for wood chippers on chassis

Development of air brake systems for trailed wood chippers (with and without ABS) with machine weights from 4.5 t to 24 t.


Ufkes Greentec is a leading manufacturer of special machines such as wood chippers, which are used in particular by forestry and contracting companies and garden and landscaping companies. The company from Drachten in the Netherlands has had these special trailers equipped with air brake systems from Tietjen since 2019.


Tietjen was commissioned with the development of various air brake systems. The particular challenge here was to take into account the special areas of application and the machine weights from 4.5 t to 24 t. The air brake systems were designed both with and without ABS.


First, brake calculations were carried out for the individual vehicle types. Through these calculations, the correct values of the individual components could be determined, such as for air reservoir size, brake cylinder size, brake lever lengths and the line cross-sections, which have an influence on the response behaviour of the air brake. This was followed by the design and assembly of the individual components for the air brake system.

Advantages for the customer

Tietjen supplies the air brake systems to Ufkes Greentec as completely pre-assembled kits. This is particularly important for Ufkes Greentec's after-sales service, as only a small stock of spare parts needs to be kept, as many compressed air components are identical for the different machines.


Customer testimonials

"Since 2019, we have been purchasing air brake systems from Tietjen. The knowledge of braking systems and the ambition to do things perfectly is simply unbeatable. Tietjen always has the right solution for each of our machines."
Lieuwe van der Plaats

An air brake system with ABS system developed and delivered in April 2021 for the Greentec Cheetah 30 - a 6.5-tonne chassis-mounted wood chipper. The truck-trailer combination is thus allowed to drive to the site of operation at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

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