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Air brake systems by Tietjen

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Air brake systems


Tractor unit

When designing and developing air brake systems on tractor units, various measurements are required to define and check the correct design. These measurements include, among others:

  • Dynamic driving tests (brake measurement / trailer control valve design)
  • Pressure build-up time measurement
  • Reservoir volume check
  • Breakaway function of the yellow control line
  • Filling time measurements

Regulation EU 167/2013 – EU 2015/68 requires the listed measurements and functions to be recorded accordingly.


It is also essential to perform the various measurements in the area of the trailer air brake system. This is the only way to ensure e.g. correct braking:

  • Dynamic driving tests (brake measurement / compatibility bands)
  • Pressure build-up time measurement
  • Reservoir volume check
  • Parking brake check
  • Rupture simulation of a red line