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Interesting facts about Tietjen

One step ahead.

Noteworthy facts about Tietjen

Load-controlled brake power regulator

Tietjen – as always, one step ahead with another smart idea: We added a load sensing valve from WABCO with a special adjustment unit with up to two load levels for pulled work machines, trailers and attachment - and the new requirement as per regulation (EU 167/2013) is in place. This states that vehicles registered with a speed of more than 30 km/h must meet the required brake bands in empty and loaded state.

Smart braking force control

The manufacturer can set the required output pressure for his machine by adjusting the setting screws. The change between the two load levels is effected by pneumatic actuation, which can be triggered by sensors.


A. Adjustment unit for one load level (ANBG0002)

For use with towed machines that can be of different total weights due to their equipment variants, such as:

  • Cultivators
  • Disc harrows
  • Agricultural rollers


B. Adjustment unit for two load levels (ANBG0001)
Use on trailers and attachments with seed or fertiliser hopper, where only two separate settings are possible due to the design, such as:

  • Seeders
  • Rakes
  • Unsuspended sprayers and fertiliser spreaders


  • Standardised braking systems
  • Speeds of over 30 km/h possible
  • Proportional pressure control, thereby meeting brake band requirements
  • The adjustment unit with load sensing valve can be mounted in inaccessible positions
  • Stainless steel adjustment unit
  • Integrated relay valve for quick aeration/venting of downstream valves and devices, e.g. brake cylinders. This makes it possible to meet the response time of 0.40 seconds required by the regulation.
  • Manufacturers can homologate attachments of an entire vehicle series with varying gross weights with the same wheel brake types and braking devices in conformity with the EU via a single type approval.


Request additional information: info@tietjengmbh.de

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