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Volvo wheeled excavator EW160E with air brake system

Calle, November 2020. Swecon Baumaschinen GmbH has vehicles retrofitted with air brake systems to keep them safe on the road and the operating premises even when working with heavy-load trailers. Braked with compressed air, the Volvo wheeled excavator EW160E is allowed to tow trailers with weights of up to eight tons, at a maximal supporting load of 1000 kg.

The Volvo wheeled excavator EW160E, which is licensed for public street operation, can carry attachments for all pending work on a single trailer. This is particularly helpful when it moves from one day construction site to the next. Safe braking of the heavy train of wheeled excavator and trailer is ensured by the air brake system developed and installed by Dipl.-Ing. Tietjen GmbH.

Development and assembly of the air brake system
Swecon Baumaschinen GmbH and the development department of Dipl.-Ing. Tietjen GmbH have cooperated closely to develop solutions in order to integrate the components of the air brake system into the wheeled excavator. The compressor – the core of the air brake system – was placed in the engine compartment of the upper structure, while valves and air reservoirs remain in the undercarriage. One special challenge was routing hoses and lines through the rotary feedthrough from the rotating upper structure to the rigid undercarriage.

The trailer control valve was sized in accordance with the brake hydraulics of the wheeled excavator so that a coordinated delay between the tractor unit and the trailer is achieved. Further valve technology was developed based on the function of the parking brake hydraulics and current EU regulations. Depending on country and customer request, coupling heads for the trailer air supply will be installed individually.

Fully equipped and ready to go
With the air brake system retrofitted by Tietjen, the wheeled excavator is now able to move securely on the road even when towing truck trailers, and carrying along its own work equipment such as the bucket, shaker plate, or similar devices. In this case, the wheeled excavator is equipped for filling a trough trailer with debris that it can take away and then return to the construction site with an empty trough. A second vehicle for such transport runs can, therefore, be dispensed with.

Thomas Brandenstein from Swecon Baumaschinen GmbH’s product marketing explains: “Air brake systems have become a common option for construction site machinery that we gladly offer our customers. In cooperation with Tietjen, we have been offering a wide range of tried and tested solutions for many years, ensuring a seamless range from the L45H compact wheel loader all the way to the L150H. We can provide customised kits to customers with Volvo construction site machinery internationally this way.”

Mother Regulation: Tietjen trains AGCO Massey Ferguson

March 2020, Calle. At the invitation of AGCO Massey Ferguson Germany, Marco Oldenburg, training manager at Tietjen GmbH, gave a presentation on Mother Regulation (MR) in February. The workshop manager meetings in Hohenroda and Rain dealt with requirements that have to be observed for air brake systems according to the new regulation EU167/2013 (EU 2015/68), especially for trailers.

Thomas Marschall, tractor service manager at Massey Ferguson summarises: "The aim was to sensitise workshops to the possible problems when using MR‐compliant tractors and not (yet) MR‐compliant air‐braked trailers and work machines. The presentations received very positive feedback. Individual workshops expressed the intention to further delve into the topic by training their employees." Around 200 people attended this year's Massey Ferguson meetings in Hohenroda and Rain.

Tietjen also provides international training on site or at in‐house training facilities. Last month, a group of Massey Ferguson service engineers from the United Kingdom, Norway, Ukraine, Poland and Denmark visited the North German company to train on the new regulation.

Supplier Of The Year – CLAAS names Tietjen Logistics Company of the Year

Calle, February 2020. CLAAS distinguishes the North German company for ist outstanding performance and cooperative partnership. During the annual Suppliers' Day in Harsewinkel on January 21, 2020, CLAAS presented the Supplier‐Of‐The‐Year‐Awards to outstanding suppliers to the CLAAS‐Group. This year, the award in the logistics category went to the North German company Dipl.‐Ing. Tietjen GmbH.

In their laudation, Dr. Hendrik Schellmann and Alexander Peters complimented the manufacturer of air brake systems in particular for its exemplary compliance with CLAAS logistics requirements: “The delivery of complex pre‐assembled component groups presents special challenges, a fact which only increases our appreciation of the trouble‐free transportation,” explained Peters.

Tietjen is connected to the CLAAS distribution system via an EDI interface, uses all logistical CLAAS standards, delivers just‐in‐time and is flexible despite a high degree of variance. In addition to Harsewinkel, Tietjen also supplies the CLAAS production facilities in Bad Saulgau, Hamm, Metz and Le Mans.

Managing Director Hauke Tietjen accepted the Supplier Award in the company of Project Manager Marco Oldenburg. Both were grateful and pleased about the appreciation of the achievements of Tietjen and the whole team. “This award is a recognition of the high standards we offer all our customers,” emphasized Hauke Tietjen.

The think tank for air brake systems at the Agritechnica 2019

Calle, November 2019. More than 2,750 exhibitors from 51 countries – all leading international firms from the industry met at Agritechnica, the global trade fair for agricultural technology. Between 10-16th November over 450,000 visitors from 130 countries came to Hanover.

Tietjen has unearthed new potential for its products and services. Many visitors had questions about amendments to the so-called “Tractor-Mother-Regulation” (EU 2015/68) as traction units comprising a new tractor with older trailers exhibit delayed braking. Tietjen experts explained that they are carrying out on-site measurements, creating braking calculations and optimising trailer brakes to ensure safe braking of the coupling.


Cat®-Motor Grader 120M2 retrofitted with air brake system

Calle, June 2019. The Graz-based branch of Zeppelin Österreich GmbH are having their Cat® Motor Grader 120M2 retrofitted with Dipl.-Ing. Tietjen GmbH air brake systems. The 20 metric ton, 10 m vehicles can be controlled and safely driven with the compressor roller attachment on roads and doing forestry work in Alpine surroundings.

Thanks to a high production depth, Tietjen GmbH is in a position to produce reliable, exact tailor-made components for this retrofit: Using the latest 3D design software, the Development department first designed the mounts, support plates and plumbing installations which were then manufactured with the company’s own CNC turning and milling machines, a CNC pipe-bending machine and a range of different drilling and punching machinery. These components, as well as others, and 7 m long hoses could be adapted to the available space in the centre pivot steered vehicle with non-contact integration.

Training by, with and at Tietjen

We conduct training in schools and colleges, on-site on customer premises, and on our own premises. As well as lessons, training participants also use a training wall to learn how to adjust and simulate all the relevant matters involving the air brake system. Participants can use this simple, flexible plug-in system to get familiar with the functions of all components in practice, and to internalise what they have learnt.

We can also carry out training on-site upon request. Our Product developer has also taught at the Technical College for Metals of Hesse. In the preparatory training course for the master's examination, he gave air brake system training to agricultural mechanics.

Air brake system for Case IH Quadtrac 540 CVX

Retrofit kit for high-performance articulated track tractor now available from Dipl.-Ing. Tietjen GmbH

Calle, November 2018. Case IH has commissioned development of the air brake system for the Quadtrac 540 CVX track tractor with Dipl.-Ing. Tietjen GmbH. The retrofit kit is available immediately and can be fitted by specialist dealer workshops.

Despite the enormous size of the Quadtrac flagship, engineers at Dipl.-Ing. Tietjen GmbH found it a challenge to integrate all of the components of the retrofit kit, approx. 100 parts, into the existing geometry from the engine compartment to the front. A number of other components had to be assembled in the narrow engine compartment next to the air compressor. Regarding the complex extra electrics, developers worked side by side with Case IH experts and got all the information from them about how to integrate new electrical elements into the existing electrical system.

All the installation steps are documented in the assembly manual including detailed descriptions and diagrams. Workshop dealers can install the retrofit kit with pre-assembled modules, colour-coded connectors and electric components quickly and easily.

Norbert Zehne, Product Manager tractors at Case IH, Germany: “For decades, our Case IH tractor brand has put its trust in the technical solutions of Dipl.-Ing. Tietjen GmbH. Our customers, dealers and ourselves as manufacturer appreciate the quality and flexibility of compressed air specialist Tietjen, especially in After Sales.”

The retrofit kit is available immediately from the Tietjen Online Catalogue.

In house production at Dipl.-Ing. Tietjen GmbH

Many of the components in the air braking systems we develop are manufactured in house. This means we can stay independent of suppliers, and reduce delivery times and costs. From time to time we will present the machines for which we manufacture components.

Today: The CNC tube bending machine
The CNC tube bending machine has been in use since 2015. Its primary use is to bend tubes from the compressed air braking system assembly kit, e.g. intake tubes, oil return tubes, pressure oil tubes and brake lines. The machine bends from left to right and from right to left. Tubes of up 6 m in length and 22 mm in diameter are made   more than 10,000 pieces per year. The following video shows how a cooling coil is bent from a 6 m long tube.

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