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Air brake systems from Tietjen


The multitude is our evidence for satisfied customers

Tietjen values the collaboration with agricultural equipment distributors as much as that with manufacturers. This creates multipliers for new construction and consumables and wear part support. Quality and safety are standards that don't need discussion. For the Tietjen customers, the high degree of availability and flexibility in our service is crucial.

With more than 5,000 retrofit kits for very different models, every customer can be assured to find the right solution. The product range of Tietjen is probably unique worldwide.

The Tietjen story will continue in future, thanks to the large and satisfied customer base, comprised of globally-operating brand manufacturers but also mid-sized companies, specialist distributors and workshops.

Continuous further development and increasing demands on powerful air brake systems for tractors, trailers, construction machinery and agricultural machinery of any type will ensure that Tietjen won't rest on the laurels of the past.

We stand with our motto: "The present is past. The challenge is the future."

Please contact

Hauke Tietjen
Managing Director

+49 4251
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