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Made in Germany – Made in Calle

5,000 air brake system variants

From one idea, thousands of air brake system variants have been realised for all modes by renowned trailer and tractor manufacturers. For initial equipment as well as retrofitting.

Tietjen creates solutions. The optimal, most reliable and yet economic brake system for every vehicle and trailer type.

Continuous coordination with manufacturers

The winning combination comprises our expertise and close collaboration with all leading manufacturers. Knowledge is transferred and exchanged for every particularity and modification.

The foundation for the precise coordination of installation recommendations and component placement is detailed knowledge: About optional equipment of all tractor types and variants (front-end loaders, front PTO shaft, etc.) or the increasingly complex, individual basic equipment of tractors with gears, climate control, cabins and various hydraulic units.

High degree of in-house production

We manufacture consoles, holders, hose and tube adaptations and much more ourselves. Our expertise is clearly demonstrated by the high quality, function and design of the components. Tietjen avoids interface issues by providing all components from a single source.

Close collaboration with WABCO

Our nearly exclusive collaboration with WABCO, the global leader in brake systems, ensures continuous expertise and knowledge transfer. We know first about their innovations!

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